100 Argumentative Essay Topics To Amaze Your Teacher

Good Research Paper Topics

Choosing the perfect argumentative essay topic is not an easy task, but hopefully, with our selection, you can choose the perfect topic. Just remember to follow your teacher's guidelines or given topic, if you are not allowed to choose your own.

What makes an argumentative essay topic?

Argumentative essays are very popular projects in universities, especially in English composition, history, political science, etc. The reason why professors like to assign them is that they want to see how well you can reason and support an argument.

Best argumentative essays are usually written from a controversial topic, which is often caused by conflicting ethical principles, by going against traditional values or societal taboos. So select a topic which you are familiar with if possible and something that has clear sides so you can view both and then give pros and cons of both sides.

How to select argumentative topics to discuss

When working on the persuasive essay, a student has to collect all valuable and time-tested sources to prove his knowledge of a certain issue. You may be encouraged to use such primary sources as:

  • Textbooks
  • Books
  • Documentaries
  • Academic journals
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Official reports

Even if you are an expert in a certain field, don't hesitate to use and cite external sources. It will point to your ability to collect and select only the most relevant sources. Besides, direct and indirect quotes are needed to support your knowledge of academic writing style. If you are not sure in your writing skills, turn to a professional writer to buy a winning argumentative essay on a variety of topics for cheap.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • What should be changed about the current taxation system?
  • Shakespeare: Was he real?
  • Are Project Managers and CEOs paid too much?
  • Is college admission getting too sharp?
  • Are test scores the most accurate indication of individual competency?
  • Military service and the role of gender
  • Why are left-handed guitar players more gifted?
  • Do all religions have a right to exist?
  • What are the causes of the increased number of teenage mothers?
  • What happens once we die?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  • My favorite music
  • Burton's "Ed Wood": Was Depp the best choice?
  • Is a particular fashion important today?
  • Are girls too mean?
  • Do human beings cause global climate change?
  • Polygamy is natural, so it's not evil
  • Can you succeed in life being a philosopher?
  • Is art a profession?
  • How long a modern film usually takes?
  • What is the true meaning of "love"?
  • Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics
  • Is the US election process fair?
  • Should animals be used in experiments/testing?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Do religious movements cause war?
  • The politics of the British government
  • Celebrities tend to fail their political careers
  • The system is too much corrupted today
  • Politics is everywhere and always a "dirty" game
  • Clinton could be a better US President
  • Positive and negative outcomes of feminism

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Critical factors of quickly modifying consumer behavior
  • Can girls ask boys out first?
  • Should cigarettes be sold?
  • Is our society a throw-away?
  • Should the nation market to children?
  • What is the best alternative to Twitter?
  • Do people really find a job through an effective LinkedIn Profile?
  • Does the government have a right to view private profiles?
  • Are popular online activists too shy in real life?
  • Is it possible to earn good money on YouTube?
  • Argumentative Essay Topics Technology Students May Choose
  • Are cell phones too harmful?
  • Are spy applications for mobile phones an invasion of privacy?
  • Are modern young people too dependent on computers?
  • Is any online lottery fair?
  • Is TypeScript a future of front-end development?
  • Are modern teens too much reliant on Information Technologies?
  • Do we still need cell phones?
  • How do people survive in the age of technological explosion?
  • Can corporations create chips to control their employees' minds?
  • What will our world look like in a technological sense in the next century?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Sports

  • Are violent video games that dangerous?
  • Does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble?
  • Is competition the best way to prove your competence?
  • Are children changing positively when doing sports?
  • Is cheating in sports games out of control?
  • What is the most dangerous type of sport?
  • Is swimming the only activity which trains every group of muscles?
  • Are there any legal alternatives to steroids?
  • Does cheerleading fit in games?
  • Which type of sports is meant only for the wealthiest?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Should metal music be banned due to violent lyrics?
  • How can children be effectively punished?
  • What age is appropriate to start dating?
  • Can students evaluate and critique their teachers?
  • Should public schools add creationism to their programs?
  • Which genre of music may help to study?
  • Females prefer romantic movies.
  • Is it possible to trace someone online?
  • Is it possible to make friends virtually?
  • The role of school uniform.

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • The educational system in China
  • Is homeschooling effective?
  • Is the cost of the university too high?
  • Should the government have a say in our nutrition?
  • What are the advantages of attending a single-sex school?
  • Can graffiti be viewed as art?
  • What type of social activity should be legally punished?
  • Is the United States too lenient on Israel?
  • Is India a genuine superpower?
  • Pros and cons of globalization.

Health-Related Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should alcohol usage be restricted legally?
  • Does the government have to provide premium health care?
  • Do curfews really keep adolescents out of trouble?
  • Supplements used to cure cancer
  • Are gay couples under the threat of HIV more than straight pairs?
  • Can technological devices cause cancer?
  • How much water should we drink per day?
  • How do vegetarians survive?
  • The risks coming from fast food.
  • Going to the hospital versus self-treatment.

Social Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is torture or rape ever acceptable?
  • Should sexual maniacs be sentenced to death?
  • Can male employees get paternity leave from work?
  • Does age matter in relationships?
  • Do low prices on condoms prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Ways to handle naughty teens
  • What is the right punishment for failed parenting?
  • What are the causes of Down's syndrome?
  • Is black PR acceptable?
  • Can we treat abortion as a crime?

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