Writing a cover letter is no easy job. Considering it needs to be personalized for each job you might apply for. In this post on how to write a cover letter, we will try to teach you how to write an effective and well-formed cover letter step by step.

The key to a well-written cover letter is to follow instructions and to communicate with a clear compelling voice.

1. List your name and address

As many great things start, being with your name and personal information. Your name and address should be placed on top of the cover letter.

Example 1:

Matt Young
111 Orchard Lane, Las Vegas, NV | (123) 123-4000 | matt@email.com

Example 2:

Matt Young
111 Orchard Lane
Las Vegas, NV
(123) 123-4000

Writing your signature in either way is completely fine, but it should follow the layout of your resume as closely as possible.

2. Don't forget to include the date

A rookie mistake many cover letter writing people do is by forgetting to include the date. The date lets the employer know when it was written.

The dateline should always be separated from your address, name, and the recipient's address.

3. Include the recipient's name and address

After you've included the basic information like your name and date it's time to include the recipient's name. It should follow pretty much the same as example 2 in part 1.


Matt Young
111 Orchard Lane
Las Vegas, NV
(123) 123-4000

May 5, 20XX

Max Magnificent
Cover Letter Inc.
123 Washington Drive

If you are emailing the cover letter as an email, you do not need to list the information given in steps 1-3.

4. Open with an introduction

Now that we are done with the boring stuff like names, recipients, and addresses, start your letter with an introduction. A standard greeting like "Hello" or "Dear" etc. is just fine.

5. Explain why you are applying for the job

You should write a paragraph that states what position you're applying for and includes a statement that clearly shows why you are applying for this specific role in this specific company. Try to show some enthusiasm to stand out.

6. Tell them about your background

This second part of your text should focus on your background. You don't need to dive too deep into your background, but you should include key points like achievements, skills, and specialties that might be suited or useful for this role in the company.

Try to include keywords that can be found from the actual job description to your resume to stand out more. A lot of cover letters etc are identified and read by robots and software first, so being able to include a few of these in the text will help you get picked.

For the last piece of advice regarding your background, remember to include your most recent (one or two is just fine) professions and experiences you've gained.

7. Go into more detail why they should choose you

This is the part where you should go more into why the company should choose you for the role you have applied for. Just remember that you shouldn't repeat the same information as in the first part (6), but instead focus on expanding stories and anecdotes that display your qualifications for the role.

8. Make yourself unique and stand out

This is the tricky part. To capture the attention of the company you should recap the reason you are applying for the role and why you would be the best pick. Keep this part short and always remember to mention you look forward to hearing from the employer with the next steps.

9. Signature

The final step is to signup with your name and closing line. The closing line can be anything from "Sincerely" to "Many thanks" to pretty much anything you see fit.

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