How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

Strong Thesis Statement is key to success in your paper or essay. It’s the heart of your essay and in most cases, you won’t get A for a writing assignment if there isn’t a strong thesis statement. It can be hard to write a killer thesis statement but here are some tips for you.

1. What is a thesis statement?

In a nutshell: the Thesis statement is a specific statement that summarizes the main point of the paper and gives the reader a clear idea of what to expect from the entire paper. The statement sums up the main point of the paper. A thesis statement is usually two or one sentences long and commonly it appears at the end of the introduction of the paper. In academic essays and research papers, thesis statement can answer to the research question.

2. Why the thesis statement must be thought carefully??

There are some main things that it is good to get noticed when thinking and writing the thesis statement. A thesis statement has many functions but the main purposes are:

  • It's stating your position on the topic
  • It's guiding your reader through your argument
  • When you writing, it helps you to focus on the subject
  • And the key point: It settles the aim of your paper

PRO TIP: When you writing your essay or paper, keep the thesis statement in evidence all the time - literally. It helps you to focus on your subject. You can write it down on paper and put the paper on the wall.

3. Finding the Point of View

First of all: Make sure that you’re not developing a thesis that interests only you; you have to think about what will your readers’ interests are. Think like a super journalist - a well-planned outline is crucial to success.

You have to think about what gets your readers excited. Here is the example: you can think thesis statement like a killer header on the internet. It would be like a clickbait header but with great content.

It might be that your essay’s only reader is, for example, a professor but when you think your thesis statement wisely you will get a better grade - it is guaranteed.

4. Killer Thesis Statement - Technique

This technique might help you to develop the killer thesis statement. The technique has been developed by Dr. Mike Maston from the University of Oxford. Here is the technique in a simple way:

  • Write your topic, for example, Batman
  • Add a position: Batman is the best superhero
  • Add a rationale: Batman is the best superhero because he is strong and tough
  • Add a qualification: Although he is an overrated superhero, Batman is the best superhero because he works hard and he is fearless.

Hope you get the point: Topic + Position + Rationale + Qualification = Thesis statement. You have a position and logic (not so good in an example but still) behind it and a little nod towards the opposing perspective which you will have a chance to prove wrong in the paper.

5. How to check that your statement is strong?

To ensure you have a strong thesis statement make sure you can check each of these boxes:

  • Your thesis statement is brief and informative.
  • It existing rationalization with your theory on the problem or a side of the problem you will support.
  • It has logical support - even your opinion might be personal you have to prove it via facts or/and logic.


As you can see, thesis statement must be precise, sums up points that are about to be made in your paper or essay and should support entire topic of your thesis - good thesis statement is specific and succinct; you have to avoid unclear and critical words like “bad”, “problem”, “terrible”, etc.

Remember that your first thesis statement will be rarely the best. You should write it down once and iterate it multiple times during the writing and double or triple check it when your paper is ready.


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